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Trillium Grant Announced

The Brain Injury Association of Windsor & Essex County ( BIAWE) received a grant of $69,600 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation under the Resilient Communities Fund. This investment will support BIAWE’s efforts to rebuild resilience and capacity to return to building a healthy and vibrant community.

This grant over 12 months will help BIAWE rebuild and recover from the impact of Covid –19 by adopting a new funding model and strategic plan to enhance programs and deliver adapted virtual workshops.

Demand for services has increased since Covid-19, concurrently with a decrease in revenue. BIAWE does not receive government funding, but relies on donations and fundraising to raise revenues to operate. BIAWE has seen a loss of over 70% of it revenue to date as a result of cancelling its annual gala and golf tournament. Donations are also down.While the need has increased BIAWE has faced unprecedented challenges.

This grant will allow BIAWE to implement new approaches, prepare for change and build resiliency. BIAWE will readapt and re-imagine the delivery of its programs and services to meet the needs of the community, its employees and its volunteers. BIAWE will be shifting services to models that incorporate social distancing.