Our Partners say. . .

Since Windsor joined the Peer Support Program, we have had successful and amicable matches between our associations. I especially treasure the relationships between all the Peer Support Coordinators. We support each other and assist where possible.
Sue Brushey- The Brain Injury Association of Peel & Halton

As the program manager of a local Day Club for acquired brain injury survivors, I work with many people who have utilized and continue to participate in the services offered by BIAWE. I have witnessed first-hand how the support, companionship, and activities offered by this organization have been of benefit to the lives of so many. BIAWE’s dedication to survivors, as well as their brain injury prevention efforts, should be applauded. I find BIAWE to be an invaluable community resource not only to brain injury survivors, but to their friends and families as well.
Angela Owen

Beyond Disability Network is a collaborative community hub enhancing the quality of life for persons with a chronic disability.  The Brain Injury Association of Windsor & Essex County (“BIAWE”) is a participating member of the Partnership Council, which gives them a strong voice at the table when it comes issues surrounding social support, empowerment, education, livelihood and the general health and wellbeing of persons living with a brain injury.  The issues faced by brain injury survivors; such as transportation, housing and aging with a disability are the same issues faced by over 22,000 people living in Windsor and Essex County with a chronic disability.  The network’s approach to tackling issues that “cross-disability” allows members work together more efficiently.  Having BIAWE at the table is an enormous benefit to the survivors they represent as well as benefiting their fellow Partnership Council colleagues by sharing their concerns and ideas. 
Melanie Gardin – Beyond Disability Network

As an experienced doctor specializing in rehabilitation medicine (physiatrist), I see the value in coming together for common goals to assist those living with chronic disabilities who experience system challenges.  By looking beyond the “label” of a disease or injury, and looking at issues that affect the person which tend to cross disability, we can effect significant change in our community.  The Brain Injury Association of Windsor & Essex County is an invaluable member of the Beyond Disability Network.  It is with the contributions of this organization, along with others that are like-minded, that we can enhance quality of life of those living with chronic disabilities.
Dr. Nathania Liem – Beyond Disability Network