Goals: Peer Success Group

This group is about bringing people together in an environment that fosters relationship building, safety and trust. It is a free program for persons with an acquired brain injury.

Everyone who participates sets and works on their own goals, individually and as a group.
Goal setting is the first step in this 6 week program. Each person either comes prepared with a goal or is supported in developing a goal by a trained facilitator and others in the group.

Each week they are encouraged to work on their goal. They will talk about their goal, the progress they have made and any barriers they faced in achieving the goal. Others in the group provide support, share ideas, problem solve and strategize as it relates to the goal.

This is a good step in learning to accept the “new you” and manage your symptoms of an acquired brain injury.

Dates are flexible. If you are interested in this program, please email to goals@biawe.com to find out the next dates of the program.

Registration for this program is mandatory. To learn more, complete the “Request for Service” form here.