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Lowe’s chooses BIAWE as Heroes recipient

We have more good news. Lowe’s on Tecumseh and Lauzon Parkway have chosen BIAWE to be the recipient of its “Heroes”event.

Money raised through their fundraising efforts started July 27 and through August and part of September will be donated to BIAWE for a NEW PROGRAM we will be offering in the fall/winter. (Details will follow)

The first event was a car wash in July.

In August there will be a jail and bail fundraiser on the weekends, more barbecues and an opportunity to donate a toonie at the cash register and get your name placed on their wall.

Here’s how you can help. We need volunteers for these fundraisers. At the jail and bail we need 2 people during each time slot – one to stand inside the jail being held for some crime or misdemeanour and another to solicit funds to either keep the person in jail or pay to get them out. Doesn’t this sound fun? Patronize this store, as they are helping us.

The best thing is during all these activities we can tell people about BIAWE and promote its programs and services. It’s a great outreach opportunity. Contact us to volunteer.