Brain Basics

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For Health Care Workers and Caregivers Of Acquired Brain Injury

Presented by the Ontario Brain Injury Association In Conjunction With The Brain Injury Association of Windsor and Essex County

Modules of the Program

  • Module 1 – Parts and Functions of the Brain
  • Module 2 – ABI: Types and Causes
  • Module 3 – ABI: General Strategies
  • Module 4 – ABI: Consequences and Strategies: Physical
  • Module 5 – ABI: Consequences and Strategies: Cognitive
  • Module 6 – ABI: Consequences and Strategies: Behavioural
  • Module 7 – Support Roles: Team and Family

Cost: $250

For information please call 519-981-1329 (Local)


  • The Brain Basics Course was presented in a way that made it understandable. It was very helpful to those who came in with little medical understanding. Lots of anecdotes really help!”
  • The Brain Basics Course increased my confidence in my ability to work with clients who have a brain injury. Knowing the physiological, psychological impairments are an asset. I am less fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing.”
  • The information presented in the course was concise and was very easy to understand and process. Could not have been done a better way!”