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Book by Elizabeth (Betty) Penny

Post Concussion Brain Empowerment– The Voyage to Happier Living,  by Elizabeth (Betty) Penny

Get Ready to Set Sail and Embark On Voyages to Discover the Keys to a Happier Life – With Brain Injury Struggle Stories Based on Real-Life Experiences!

After suffering from a brain injury, you’ll be faced with many more challenges.

What used to be so simple may now be a hurdle.

Not being able to function properly is a heavy burden that can bring about addictions and plant negative ideas in your mind.

You may also be feeling that after your brain injury, no one understands you.

But you’re not alone.

Read the firsthand experiences written from the perspective of a person that had suffered from a non-traumatic brain injury themselves and truly discover that you’re never alone.

Get onto the road to recovery with the guidance of an Acquired Brain Injury Survivor who wants to set you on the path to living a happier and more satisfying life!

In this book, you’ll discover:

· Set out on a journey: Over the course of three journeys, learn about the different types of brain injuries, how to cope, and finally be on the course of recovery and happiness.

· Techniques to assist with your recovery: Practice these simple and effective techniques that are specially crafted just for you!

· For anyone: This book isn’t just for survivors. It’s also for those that want to understand and help those that need it. Empower yourself and others around you.

· Overcome anything: Be guided through this difficult journey and come out even better than before!

· Be inspired: With stories and words of wisdom from real-life brain injury survivors. Get the perfect mix of realistic stories of victory and hardships.

Lift the anchors and get ready to set sail!

Become the Captain of your mind.

Betty’s Interview on CBC Jan 4, 2022 –

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Toldo Foundation Donated $45,000 for Brain Injury Services

The Brain Injury Association of Windsor and Essex County received $45,000 from the Toldo Foundation to hire a Client Services Coordinator to support its mission of enhancing the lives of those affected by an acquired brain injury.

The Coordinator will provide technological assistance and training to support clients in connecting to online peer support groups, provide emotional support from peers, receive education about acquired brain injury (ABI) and access apps to assist with activities of daily living.

These support groups fill the gap after rehabilitation and assist in life-long recovery as survivors adjust to their new identity. Learning how to use technology promotes self-reliance, community engagement, ability to attend support groups and to overcome many of the unique challenges faced as a person with an ABI.

The Client Services Coordinator will support clients in maintaining and accessing income, filing taxes, completing applications and communicating with essential agencies and services. Poor mental health, addictions, brain injury, illness and trauma are all significant comorbid conditions faced by clients because of their cognitive impairments. The Coordinator will assist in finding resources and benefits that otherwise are inaccessible to them.