STAR Program

Stop activity
Tell an adult,
get Assessed and
Rest when hit to the head.

STAR program

This program was born of a need to educate athletes to inform a responsible adult; whether a coach, teacher or parent when they have hit their head in sport. This STAR presentation developed into one for all students for all manner of activity.

Some athletes continue to believe that a hit on the head would either have little to no impact on them. They may have learned or seen that you can tough it out. Or they do not want to be pulled from the game and sidelined. Coach and teacher training on concussion protocols are of little value if they do not know when a student hit their head.

Repercussions from the failure to tell may lead to more serious outcomes. Another hit on the head after one hit may even lead to death. However, approximately 80 to 90% of concussions resolve on their own with a little bit of rest and gradual return to activities.

While we cannot prevent all concussions, knowing what to do after a hit to the head can reduce the impact of a brain injury. See the FAQ page under the “Awareness” section of this website for next steps after any hit to the head.

This program is adapted for grades 6 to 8 and another one for grades 9 to 12. It includes basic brain anatomy, the five senses and how they are affected by a brain injury, the effects of a concussion and basic concussion management.

This hour-long program includes a PowerPoint presentation and interactivity. Teachers and students are provided with concussion resources.

Organization is required to provide:
• Projector, screen and sound  and Internet access
• Provide two dates for presentation
• Time of presentation

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