Cooking Classes

The third Thursday of each month at 1100 University Ave. W at 10:00 a.m.

Food is a multi-sensory experience – sight, taste, smell, touch, sound.

Niina’s immersive approach to teaching cooking classes allows cooks of all abilities to get curious and enjoy the simple pleasure of cooking.

Her classes focus on seasonal, whole ingredients that are both nutritious and delicious.

Recipes are provided and everyone is involved in making the dish and eating it afterwards.

Participants take home a kit of ingredients to make the recipe at home.

Registration is required for this program – to ensure enough ingredients for all.
Register at

Niina Loebbestael is Registered Dietitian with more than 13 years of experience in nutrition and public health. Niina delivers education, guidance, and support to a diverse client population. She has worked with several professional healthcare teams to provide support, manage diet-related conditions, and improve the eating habits of her clients.
She truly believes that food is medicine and can provide healing for all of us. From how we share food to the foods that we choose to eat, it can restore us and aid in our recovery.

In 2020, a friend of Niina’s was in a motor vehicle accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury. Through his difficult and continuing rehabilitation, it became clear that food and nutrition played an essential role in his recovery. Witnessing this recovery inspired Niina to want to help others in their rehabilitation journeys through food and nutrition.

As a dietitian, foodie, educator and chef, the curriculum at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy allowed her to further develop her skills and knowledge specifically around food and food systems. She gained a deeper understanding on how creativity and design thinking can inspire regenerative solutions and bring innovation to the food experience.

Her mission is to design food and create food experiences that provides optimal nourishment and inspires connection, curiosity, joy and healing.